Summer Camp 2022 Update

We are working hard to hire camp staff that will enable us to provide “another best week” of summer fun at ITC in 2022!  There is a shortage of workers in the world and we are not immune to the struggles that many businesses are facing this year.  Many employers are competing for the same small number of applicants and we are doing our very best to get fantastic camp staff to represent ITC!

In order to ensure that we have the appropriate number of staff available to meet the needs of our campers, the following changes have been made to the summer camp registration process which begins on March 1, at 9am.

  1. ALL summer camp reservations made on or after 3/1/22 will be for the WAITING LIST of the session you are interested in.  You may register for as many WAITING LIST sessions as you wish, but we respectfully request that you only sign up for sessions you are able to attend.
  2. As staff are hired, we will move people from the waiting list to the session and you will be notified via email.  We will do our best to allow campers to attend at least 1 camp session.
  3. Once you have been added to the actual session, you may be required to submit a deposit which will be due within a few days to hold your spot.
  4. If your plans change after you register for the waiting list, you may cancel your waiting list reservation online by doing the following:
    1. Log in to your account and click on My Reservations.
    2. Scroll down the page to the list of waiting list reservation(s) for which you are registered.
    3. Click on the waiting list session you wish to cancel.
    4. Scroll down the page and click on Cancel Reservation.  You may enter a reason for cancellation, but it is not required.
    5. Scroll down and click on Cancel Reservation.
    6. Click OK to confirm cancellation.

The decision to have all summer camp reservations automatically go on a waiting list was a difficult one, but this is the best option at this time so that we may secure staff.  We genuinely appreciate your understanding and support as we move through this phase of hiring.  Any suggestions or ideas you may have related to staffing can be sent to Erin Peraino at

Thank you and make today Another.Best.Day.

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