Please Help Connect the Cabins

We hope this update finds you healthy and safe!  Despite these unique times, when almost all IKUS/Indian Trails Camp programs and services are temporarily closed, we continue to forge ahead on our essential water project.

We are happy to share that the City of Grand Rapids has inspected and approved the nearly 500’ public main extension of 8” cast iron pipe, that terminates at a fire hydrant near the Ojibway Lodge. And recently we’ve been collaborating with City engineers and Tallmadge Township officials to run thousands of feet of pipe underground to serve more than 20 cabins and accessory buildings.

Now we are at a critical point in the project when we need to connect the cabins.  While we have been working through a variety of serious issues brought about by the current pandemic: the financial impact of being closed, how to provide services when safely possible and how to retain our compassionate employees, the plumbers and the remainder of their work, have been put on hold.  Much like the stress many of you may be experiencing, the strain has been great.

The countless benefits of the increased water pressure and volume campers will enjoy are difficult to measure, but they won’t be able to enjoy these benefits if the cabins, lodge, splash pad, etc. aren’t connected.

We are asking you to join the others who have already donated, and help us connect the cabins.

Every gift, of every size, is appreciated and needed. With your help we will complete the project before we welcome back our campers.


In the meantime please continue to be safe and healthy at home, and we look forward to visiting again soon…

Scott Blakeney
Executive Director









UPDATE 6/11/20:

Even during a time when so many things have been canceled or postponed, the long-awaited camp water project has been completed and the camp is now connected to public water. This has been a large undertaking but one that will provide a variety of benefits, such as increased water pressure and volume for our cabins, splash pad, lodge and other areas of camp that utilize water.

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