Giving Tuesday: Today is the day!

Today is the day. It’s time to give back. Show your support for IKUS Life Enrichment Services and the Grand Rapids community by donating at Be sure to share your story on social media by taking an #UNselfie and using hashtags #GRgives on #GivingTuesday. Happy giving!

How to take an #UNselfie:

1. Print out the #UNselfie document.

2. Write down why you will be supporting IKUS Life Enrichment Services on #GivingTuesday.

3. Take a selfie holding the page and post it to social media. Make sure to use the hashtags #UNselfie, #GivingTuesday, #GRgives and #iikeikus.

4. Share with your friends and encourage them to take an #UNselfie, too!

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