Connect with Friends Activity Packet: May 22-29


We hope that you are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather! We are continuing to work on different ways to interact with everyone we serve and hope you are enjoying the different activities. If you have anything you would like to learn to cook, or have cooked with Chef Scott please let us know!

Please answer these questions and email them back to us. You can also respond to these questions on our Facebook page or at! Please e-mail all responses to the manager of your program Myles at or Anne-Marie at 




  1. If you could have any kind of pet, what would you have?
  2. Do you collect anything?
  3. What is something you look forward to doing when IKUS opens?
  4. Would you rather live 200 years in the future or 200 years in the past?
  5. For the rest of your life, would you rather always walk on five-foot stilts or ride a unicycle to get around?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. IKUS Life Enrichment Services
    IKUS Life Enrichment Services says:

    1.       I would want a pet shark! 
    2.       Sports jerseys 
    3.       Seeing EVERYONE!!! 
    4.       200 years in the past, but either would be so different than where we are now! 
    5.       Ride a Unicycle! 

    1.       If I could have any pet it would be a small hand sized monkey 
    2.       I collect photos 
    3.       I look forward to seeing our clients 
    4.       200 years in the past not a technology type of person. 
    5.       Unicycle 
    1.       I love both dogs and cats. So If I had to choose, it would be a dog…..or maybe a cat…. 
    2.       I like collecting hats. Especially pro-sports/college or high school hats. 
    3.       Reconnecting with our clients. 
    4.       Wow! Another hard question. I would like to live 200 years in the past because I love history. 
    5.       Ride a unicycle. 


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