2015 Best-Managed Nonprofit Award

We are honored to have been selected for the 2015 MiBiz Best-Managed Nonprofit Award! We are so thankful for our awesome team, Board of Directors and community that we reside and serve in!

John Wiegand from MiBiz writes.. “GRAND RAPIDS — From early on, The Indian Trails Camp Inc. has adopted an entrepreneurial approach to growing its organization.

As the Grand Rapids-based nonprofit organization developed its programs over the years, it made a point to avoid coming up with its own problems to solve. Instead, the provider of year-round training and recreation programs for special needs individuals relies heavily on input from the West Michigan community and its financial partners for continuous improvement and new program development.

“We’ve always stated that we’re not going to be the organization that just goes, ‘OK, we’re just going to build this and people will come,’” said Executive Director Tim Hileman. “What’s happened is that we really went to that grassroots community level … (to) hear what the pressing and significant needs facing the individuals with disabilities in our community are.”

Click on the link to read the the rest of the story! http://mibiz.com/news/nonprofit-business/item/23095-community-focus,-communication-drive-indian-trails-camp